Finish Line Electrocharge

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* Amazing, absorption starts in 2 minutes!
* Replenishes electrolytes lost in sweat
* Honey-flavored paste

Electrocharge is a fast-acting oral electrolyte jug/recovery formula that also restores essential salts and trace minerals. Created for quick absorption, recovers electrolytes in the same proportion horses lose in sweat during competition, worming or stress. Helps return horse's electrolyte levels to normal. Each dose contains 27.7% max salt, 10.9% max sodium, 2.9% min potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, copper and cobalt. Dosage: For build-up - 30 cc 24 hrs before race or competition. After competition - 30 cc to restore electrolyte balance. Also use before and after worming.

Product: 383-30