How to Collect the Hair

Collecting Tail Hair

1. Thoroughly brush-out the entire tail. If your horse's tail is extremely tangled, apply only a very small amount of detangler to the ends.

2. Pinch a small amount of hair found at the end of the tail dock and cut the hair close to the hair follicles. Repeat this step in small sections throughout your horse's tail only in areas that are concealed by the hair on the outer portion of the tail.

3. Bind all the locks of hair together at the top where you cut with a small rubber band / hair binder.
DO NOT braid the hair. The hair needs to be as straight as possible.

4. Wash hair with gentle shampoo and let fully dry. Do not use conditioner!

5. Once dry, coil the hair and place it in the zip-lock bag. Do not completely seal the bag incase there is any moisture on the hair. 


Hair Length

Hair needs to be at least 10" long, and a total of about 1/2" - 3/4" thick at the top, where the hair was cut (where it's bound).



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