Equi-Spa® Fairy Tails Orchid Oil Gloss - 8 oz

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Fairy Tails! Orchid Oil Gloss is formulated with premium coconut and orchid oil extract, pure essential oils, minerals and amino acids to detangle, manage and enhance manes and tails naturally!

Non-Toxic and safe to use on all classes of horses and coated dogs.

Long-lasting results.

Spray a generous amount to mane and tail then brush starting from the bottom to the top of the tail.

For best results use on freshly cleaned hair. Try Equi-Spa Not So Sweet Itch Body Wash.

8 oz spray bottle

Made in the heartland of the USA!

Fairy Tails Gloss:

Coconut oil, Orchid oil and silky humectants help keep a clean detangled mane and tail show shiny and silky for days!

  • Apply to wet or dry tail
  • Brush from top to bottom to lightly refresh and maintain a tangle free tail.
  • Lovely exotic fragrance of essential oil of Orchid
  • Light reapplications as necessary between shampoos