Used 17" Courbette Cresta All Purpose Saddle


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Seat Size: 17"
Tree Width: Medium

Extras: XL flap


Please note that all saddle seat and tree sizes are either determined by the manufacturer's specifications or we have measured the saddle and are giving you the size as a best estimate. Because saddle brands often vary, sizes may run somewhat smaller or larger.

Please also note that foam and wool types vary considerably, and materials may conform to the shape of the horses' backs on which they were previously used. Wool reflocking is a subjective art, and flocking types, consistencies and amounts may differ depending on the preferences of each saddle maker and saddle fitter. We do our best to provide a good representation of each saddle's condition by taking several photos, but no photo can be quite as accurate as real life. Please feel free to ask for more photos or ask us questions, but realize that subjective answers and assessment of condition may vary even between staff members. Used saddles are sold AS IS and we make no warranties or representations as to their merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.