Effol® Kids Hoof-Shine Glitter Gel - 300 mL


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The Effol Kids series is now part of the world of "Pferdefreunde" by Spiegelburg.

Effol Kids Star-Hoof-Shine is a special hoof-care product, which gives horses' hooves a wonderful shine, protects them against drying out and also promotes healthy hoof growth. Very simple to apply using the practical Pinsel-Fix.

TIP: The fantastic new Effol Kids products have been specially developed together with children, for use by children from the age of six years upwards. Their appearance, size and easy application further add to the immense appeal they have for children.

For shiny hooves

  • protects against drying out
  • promotes a healthy hoof growth
  • gives horses' hooves a wonderful shine
  • especially been developed for and together with children

300 mL

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