Tea Pro® Wound Spray - 16 oz

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Tea-Pro® is an excellent aide in the treatment of open wounds, lacerations, cuts, burns and abrasions, as well as sores in the mouth from bits or teeth problems. Aids in the reduction of proud flesh and skin closure for even healing.

  • Equine & Pet Wound Spray
  • Safe on Horses & Dogs & Cats
  • Used directly on Open & Deep Wounds, Cuts, Sores in mouth, Teeth Problems
  • Made with Nature’s best Healing Agents and Antiseptics including Tea Tree Oil (Anti-microbial activity), Goldenseal (Stimulates epithelial growth or skin closure), Comfrey (remove exudates from wounds for more rapid healing), Myrrh, Aloe Vera
  • Actually retards proud flesh and allows for an even bed of granulation tissue and healing
  • No Alcohol, Non-Stinging, Rapid-Acting, Anti-Microbial, Non-greasy
  • 360° Spray Bottle to spray upside down for hard-to-reach areas Essential Equine Products are the first to perfect the ‘science’ of combining proven naturopathic ingredients and remedies with powerful pharmaceutical agents. These high grade essential oil based remedies are quick acting and effective yet not harsh or painful to your horse.

16 oz

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