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Creamy Goat Milk Body Butters

Replenish essential skin moisture with super creamy, easily absorbed butters with Windrift Hill's goats milk formula. Perfect for dry, cracked feet and hands, giving your skin a soft, velvety texture. Windrift Hill's butters have been found to effectively treat skin problems often suffered by Diabetics and Dialysis Patients. Windrift Hill's butters work great also for people who have Eczema and Psoriasis.

Windrift Hill's Body Butters contain: shea, mango, cocoa butter, goat milk, Vitamin E, aloe vera oil, glycerin and more. Pure delight for tired feet. This is one product you're sure to order over and over again!

4 oz


  • Citrus Sun: - A wonderful blend of Grapefruit, California Lemon, Mandarin and Nectarine with Fruity Notes of Peach down to White Ginger. A Clean Uplifting Aroma!
  • Fresh: A wonderful light, romantic scent. Heavy lily fragrance with a note of pink grapefruit. Absolutely a Must for Summer!
  • Goats n' Oats: pure essential almond oil
  • Lively Apricot: yummy blend of fruit and floral aromas
  • Lovely Lavender: a natural disinfectant and a classic scent soothing to the senses. Lavender buds throughout. Great for overly oily skin.
  • Relaxing: blend of French Lavender, fir pine, Egyptian Jasmine, pure vanilla softened with delicate musk.
  • Montana Huckleberry: sweet and juicy with just a hint of tartness. Don't wear it in bear country!
  • Pearberry: sensuous blend of pear, apple, peach, raspberry, melon, lily of the valley, jasmine, musk and vanilla.
  • Mother Earth: juniper, patchouli, vanilla, rose geranium & jasmine are combined for an earthy scent.
  • Rain: the nicest rain you will ever smell - one of our most popular scents.
  • Plum Crazy: a bed of plum blossoms is the inspiration behind this fragrance. This fragrance has wonderful elegance & depth.
  • ONE: the best blend of florals and fruits with undertones of pure vanilla and delicate musks. A "Have to Try" scent!
  • Unscented: pure and natural.