WOW® Stain Remover and Whitener - Essential Equine - 16 oz

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With High Grade Essential Oils Formulated by a Veterinarian

WOW® is a Natural brightening, Bio-degradable, Enzyme-Activated Color Restorer that turns yellowed manes, tails and feathers back to natural color, removes protein-based stains by breaking the bond between dirt, feces, urine, etc. attached to hair and skin of horses.

• Equine stain remover for grass, dirt, manure on manes, tails and feathers
• NOT a bleach, dye or stripping agent
• Natural brightening action for any color horse
• Specifically formulated to break the ionic bond between grime, dirt, feces, urine, feces, dust, stains, etc. ionically attached to hair and skin
• Not a cover-up!
• Pleasant peppermint oil scent
• Turns yellowed manes, tails, and feathers back to natural color!
• Works on grass and manure stains rapidly!
• Safe, clean, easy to use, with NO purple mess!
• Fast-Acting, Non-Bleaching, Non-Stripping, No Dye
• 360° Spray Bottle to spray upside down for hard-to-reach areas

16 oz

Essential Equine Products are the first to perfect the ‘science’ of combining proven naturopathic ingredients and remedies with powerful pharmaceutical agents. These high grade essential oil-based remedies are quick acting and effective yet not harsh or painful to your horse.