Essential Equine Sheath Cleaner - 16oz

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Sheath Cleaner is a soothing, cleansing combination of natural non-irritating poultice ingredients that dissolve waxy build up without leaving a residue. Breaks up wax, scales and other accumulated grime and dirt.

  • Equine Sheath Cleaner for geldings and stallions
  • Fast, Effective
  • Gentle, Soothing, Non-Irritating
  • No irritation to sensitive skin, tissue, or membranes
  • Soap and Detergent free, pH Balanced
  • Leaves no Residue, Fast Rinsing
  • Cerumenalytic, i.e., breaks up waxy buildup
  • Rinses clean

Essential Equine Products are the first to perfect the ‘science’ of combining proven naturopathic ingredients and remedies with powerful pharmaceutical agents. These high grade essential oil-based remedies are quick acting and effective yet not harsh or painful to your horse.

16 oz

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