Perri's Premium Nylon Safety Breakaway Halter

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Breakaway nylon halters are truly a barn essential! That's why Perri's designed the Premium Nylon Safety Halter with both you, and your horse in mind. Each of these halters is hand made in the USA by local Amish craftsmen. Perri's chose to start with heavy, top quality nylon webbing, added soft-edged hardware, including a convenient snap at the throat and an adjustable chin for the absolute perfect fit. Perri's finished this everyday staple with a replaceable, leather breakaway crownpiece for added safety, and comfort. This allows the halter to break free if a horse panics, pulls back or gets caught up. If an accident does occur, the broken leather crown can be readily replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new halter. As an added bonus, this halter is available in a spectrum of colors ranging from traditional classic tones to bright, eye-catching shades making it easy to choose your favorite color or coordinate with the rest of your barn!

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