Schockemöhle Sports Santa Clara Select Standing Martingale

Schockemöhle Sports

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The standing martingale SANTA CLARTA SELECT is the most recent addition to the "Anatomic Line - Select & Mix" bridle collection by Schockemöhle Sports. Perfectly matched to all the designs of the collection, it offers more control and a secure feeling to the rider. The high-quality martingale can be attached to the noseband in just a few simple steps. A rubber martingale stopper prevents the strap from sliding. Due to a fancy stitching this martingale also can score in terms of looks.

  • Standing martingale matching to "Anatomic Line - Select & Mix" bridle collection
  • to be fixed in noseband
  • with fancy stitching
  • rubber martingale stopper

Product: 1120-00028