Pénélope Airlight by Freejump Airbag Vest


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An airbag vest for riding safely, Airlight by Freejump is a dream of lightness and style.  


  • Penelope's Airlight air vest by Freejump is available in different sizes, but also in two bust lengths for each size.  For an optimal protection for your cervical, back, lumbar, sacrum, pelvis and thorax, it will fit any body type and is fit for wearing a certified riding helmet. The continuous side protection keeps a bust alignment.  For the neck, a neck brace stabilises the spine, and vital zones.


  • Penelope's Airlight air vest by Freejump is invisible under the show jacket, it is made to be worn on its own or any other clothing approved Freejump Airbag Technology Compatible Jacket.
  • Penelope's airbag Airlight by Freejump is made of extensible fabric, an optimised ventilation thanks to micro perforated fabric, and a zip fastening YKK. It is very light to wear and is almost invisible once riding.


  • An inflation speed and a protection level upgrading the CRITT approval tests. Certification CE EU 2016/425.
  • Airlight by Freejump air vest is certified CE in compliance with the European regulation UE 2016/425 by the independent laboratory ALIENOR CERTIFICATION following the protocole CRITT LOISIRS GEG-01.